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Terms and conditions

General conditions Seaside Blankenberge – Zilt Hospitality BV

1. These conditions are an integral part of the hotel agreement. It can only be deviated from in writing. They apply to the exclusion of all general terms and conditions of sale, which occur on the documents issued by the customer insofar as they conflict with the first.

2. The price offers from the hotelier are without obligation and are made without any obligation.

3. The contracting party: a person who stays overnight in a hotel is not necessarily a contracting party, a hotel contract can be concluded in his name by a third party. When applying these general terms and conditions of sale, the term “contractor” means the physical or legal person who concludes a hotel reservation contract and / or who is obliged to pay (in return). The term “customer” is understood to mean the physical persons who intend to have a hotel stay.

4. The services are provided at the place of establishment of the hotelier, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

5. Complaints regarding the services provided cannot be accepted if they do not reach the hotelier in writing within seven days after the service has been completed.

6. The hotel contract: in accordance with the hotel contract, the hotelier is obliged to provide accommodation and usual services to the customer. By this is meant the ordinary services of the hotel according to its category, including the rooms and the different communal facilities, which are generally made available to the customers. The contractor is obliged to pay the agreed price.

7. Form of the contract: no form is prescribed for the contract. The contract is concluded from the express acceptance of the offer by the customer. In case of a written contract, the hotelier must state the arrival and departure date of the customer, together with the agreed price, the description of the services requested and any advance payment arrangement.

8. Duration of the reserved night: if a certain number of nights is reserved by the customer, the start and end dates must be stated in the hotel contract. The agreement will then be terminated on the day stated in the hotel contract, no later than 12:00 noon on the day of departure. If the customer has not left the room on the scheduled day of departure, an additional night will be invoiced at noon. If no specific number of nights is reserved, the hotel contract is considered to have been concluded for several consecutive days. In that case, a cancellation, ending the following day at the latest at 12:00, must be given by one of the parties so that the contract can be terminated. A cancellation by the hotelier to the customer will be considered to be addressed to the contractor and will be made in accordance with the aforementioned provisions. The cancellation will be confirmed in writing to the contractor. The contract will be considered terminated on the day the customer leaves the room before noon.

9. Performance of the contract: the hotelier and the contractor are obliged to respect the provisions contained in the contract.

10. Non-execution of the contract: (partial) cancellation of a booking is possible until 15:00 before the day of arrival, without compensation. In case of (partial) cancellation of a booking on the day of arrival, the canceling party owes compensation to the other party. The compensation is the price of the first night of the room stay. If the customer does not show up on the planned arrival date, a fixed compensation will be owed. The compensation is the price of the first night of the room stay.

If the hotelier is unable to perform the contract, he is obliged to offer the customer another accommodation of an equivalent or higher quality or category. Any price difference resulting from this will be borne by the hotelier.

11. Dissolution of the contract: no contract can be dissolved before full execution, subject to common agreement between the parties. See also article 10 above. Each hotelier has the option to determine (determine) the notice periods and the compensation for breach of contract that will be established between the parties at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

12. Payment: the hotelier has the option to request full or partial prepayment. See Article 26. If the hotelier receives a sum of money in advance from the contractor, this will be regarded as the payment of an advance on the contractual price unless otherwise agreed in the contract. Hotel bills are payable in cash, with maestro or credit cards upon presentation. In case of partial dispute of the hotel bill, the undisputed part must also be paid in cash, with maestro or with credit cards. Unless otherwise provided, the hotelier has no obligation to accept checks, dividends, credit cards or other deferred proofs of payment and payment must be made in the currency of the country where the hotel is located. The contractor is responsible for the payment of all services provided to the customer, including the services determined at the conclusion of the contract, unless otherwise specified in writing, whereby these costs are charged to the customer.

13. Termination of the contract: any serious or repeated breach of contractual obligations gives the injured party the right to immediately terminate the contract without prior notice.

14. Responsibility of the hotelier and hotel deposit: the hotelier is not responsible if the damage arises from an event which, despite the necessary precautions, given the circumstances and the consequences, made it impossible to avoid it (force majeure). Likewise, he is not responsible for the damage resulting from the fault, even partial, of the customer. The Civil Code (Law July 4, 1972, B.S. August 19, 1972) regulates the hotel deposit, the articles of which are reproduced as follows:

Article 1952: The hotelier is, as custodian, liable for damage, destruction or theft of items that a guest who takes up residence in the hotel and brings to the hotel.

The custody of those items must be regarded as a custody of necessity.

The following are considered to be items brought along: a) which are located in the hotel during the time that the guest has sleeping facilities available there. b) which the hotelier or a person who provides him with his services outside the hotel supervises him during the time that the guest has sleeping facilities available there. c) which the hotelier or a person who provides his services within or outside the hotel supervises for a reasonable period of time before or after the guest has available sleeping accommodation.

The liability referred to in this article is limited per claim to 100 times the accommodation price per day of the sleeping accommodation.

Where appropriate, the King may determine the data for determining that price.

The Royal Decree of June 24, 1973 (Belgian Official Gazette, August 14, 1973) stipulates that the daily price for room rental (which refers to Article 1952, paragraph 3) includes the amount of the room price, as published by the hotelier plus a percentage (which may is provided) for the services offered.

Article 1953: The liability of the hotelier is unlimited:

a) when the goods have been deposited for safekeeping in the hands of the hotelier or persons providing him with his services.

b) when he has refused to take into custody goods for which he is obliged to keep.

c) when the damage, destruction or theft of the items referred to in Article 1952 is the result of fault of himself or of persons who provide him with their services.

The hotelier is obliged to keep securities, money or valuables for safekeeping.

He may only refuse to take them into custody if they are dangerous or if they have an excessive commercial value or inconvenience given the size of the hotel and the circumstances.

He may require that the object entrusted to him be stored in a closed or sealed package.

Article 1954: The hotelier is not liable insofar as the damage, destruction or theft is due to:

(a) the guest or any person accompanying him is employed by or visits him. b) force majeure.

(c) armed theft.

d) the nature or defect of the item.

Article 1954bis: The rights of the guest are nullified if he does not notify this immediately after the damage has been established, except if the damage is caused by the fault of the hotelier or the persons who provide him with their services.

Article 1954ter: Any statement or stipulation that excludes or limits the hotelier’s liability for the harmful offense is void.

Article 1954quater: Articles 1952, 1953 and 1954bis do not apply to vehicles, nor to items that belong to their cargo and are left on the spot, nor to live animals.

15. Responsibility of the customer / contractor: the customer and the contractor are jointly responsible to the hotelier for any damage caused to persons, the building, the furniture or the equipment of the hotel and the places that are accessible to the public .

16. Withholding (right of retention) of objects brought by the customer: the hotelier has the right to guarantee the payment of the sums due to him, to retention and ultimately to sell the objects of commercial value which have been brought by the customer and of all accessories based on article 20, 6 ° mortgage law.

17. Customer behavior: The customer must behave according to the customs and regulations of the hotel where he is staying and these regulations are available for inspection by the customer. Any serious or repeated violation of these regulations entitles the hotelier to immediately terminate the contract without prior notice.

18. Pets: if a customer wishes to bring a pet to the hotel, he is obliged before the animal is brought in to ensure that the hotel regulations allow this.

19. Occupancy and clearing of the rooms: check in / check out: unless otherwise agreed by contract, the rooms reserved for a customer must be available by 2 pm and the rooms of the customer leaving the hotel must be vacated by 12 noon.

20. Checks on travelers: the customer is obliged upon arrival at the hotel to show his identity card in order to allow his registration on the police record which he has to sign.

21. Late arrival: a late arrival, i.e. after the agreed time, which was not signaled by the customer automatically causes the cancellation of the hotel contract, with the right to compensation for the hotelier.

22. Telephone reservation: a telephone reservation made by the hotelier that is accepted is only valid until 6 pm. In the event of a delay, the customer is obliged to inform the hotelier of this and to state his exact arrival time.

23. The sums of money that have not been paid on their due date will be increased automatically and without notice of default with default interest. The amount of these interests is the interest applied by the “Belgian Banking Association” on cash credits increased by 2%. On the other hand, the hotelier who fails to offer the contractually stipulated stay will owe the contractor a lump-sum compensation of 50 euros per agreed and non-provided overnight stay, up to a maximum of 250 euros, which will be increased by operation of law by Interest provided for in paragraph 1. The above provision also applies to the hotelier who does not fulfill his contractual obligations towards his customers.

24. Any hotel bill that is the subject of a price reduction, a refund or a commission allowed by the hotelier will lapse in the event of non-payment of the bill on the due date.

25. Cancellation of reservations during the stay: for serious and proven reasons (illness, accident, death), a maximum of the day has been charged, whereby the hotelier is free to charge this day’s performance. In cases for which the hotelier is neither responsible nor liable, the customer pays half of the remaining reserved period in proportion to the price per person of the requested service. With regard to meals, half and full board formula will charge half of the unused meals for a maximum of two days.

26. All reservations must be settled 24 hours before arrival. From that moment it is no longer possible to cancel or change the reservation free of charge. In the event of non-payment, the hotelier is entitled to cancel the hotel reservation without prior notice.

27. In case discounts are granted for the benefit of groups, a group is defined as a minimum of 10 paying persons who actually register at the hotel. The final number of customers will be communicated to the hotelier at least one week before their arrival. The specified number is binding for the settlement of the hotel bill. In the event of cancellation by a group, the following damages will be applied:

100% of the contract amount, less the deposit received, if the cancellation is made on the day itself.

80% of the contract amount, less the deposit received, if the cancellation is made on the previous day.

50% of the contract amount, less the deposit received, if the cancellation is made one week in advance.

25% of the contract amount, less the deposit received, if the cancellation is made four weeks in advance.

0% of the contract amount, less the deposit received, if the cancellation is made more than four weeks in advance.

28. The hotel reservation contract is governed by Belgian law. All disputes arising from this agreement will be settled in the competent court of the place of establishment of the hotelier.

Privacy policy

Privacy – Aparhotel Blankenberge – Zilt Hospitality BV.

Privacy policy Seaside Blankenberge – Zilt Hospitality BV.

Seaside Blankenberge respects the privacy of all its customers and business partners and treats personal information (personal data) that they provide as confidential. We collect, use and store such data with the utmost care, in accordance with the Belgian Personal Data Protection Act.

This document describes the Privacy Policy of Seaside Blankenberge. It explains what information we collect, how we use it and what benefits you can get from it when using our website. Please take a moment to read the sections below.


1. What is Seaside Blankenberge?
Seaside Blankenberge is an independent hotel. The owner of Seaside Blankenberge is Camille Peters. Seaside Blankenberge is registered in Zeedijk 96/103, 8370 Blankenberge, Belgium.

By using the Seaside Blankenberge website https://seasideblankenberge.be/ (hereinafter: the ‘website’), you can make online reservations, submit question and feedback forms, participate in surveys and promotions, apply, among other things. to a vacancy, subscribe to the newsletter or request a brochure.

When you perform one of the above actions, you provide personal data to Seaside Blankenberge. The way in which your personal data is used has been reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

2. What information does Seaside Blankenberge provide?
Depending on the functionality of the website you use, the personal information we collect may include the following information:

information you provide in the context of a Seaside Blankenberge service, such as your name, address, email address, telephone number, passport number or ID card number, credit card information including credit card holder name, billing address, credit card number and expiry date ;

information about your preferences and family composition, including room preferences, leisure activities, children’s name and age, and other information necessary to respond to special requests;

information about your use of the website, preference for form of communication, statistics regarding your stay and responses to special offers and surveys;

any other information that you voluntarily provide to Seaside Blankenberge

3. Cookies
Our customers should also be aware that information and data may be automatically collected through the normal operation of our web servers and through the use of “cookies”. “Cookies” are small text files that can be used by a website to recognize returning users, to facilitate access and use of the website by the user, and to track usage patterns and collect statistical data that enable improve the content and display targeted advertisements.

We also collect technical information related to your computer each time you open a page when you visit our websites. This information includes your IP address, the operating system used and the type of browser. We collect this information to improve the quality of your visit to our website. The information is not sold or transferred to third parties. These temporary cookies are an integrated part of the technology used. Most browsers automatically accept these cookies, but you can delete them or have them automatically refused. Since each browser works differently, you should refer to the “help” section of your browser for more information about setting your cookie preferences.

Cookies from Seaside Blankenberge cannot damage your computer or the files stored on it.

4. For what purposes does Seaside Blankenberge use information about you?
Seaside Blankenberge can use your personal information for the following purposes:

To enable you to use the website and to provide the services of Seaside Blankenberge (such as making a reservation or answering a request for information);

for identification and verification purposes;

to be able to process payments;

to send you information about the own services of Seaside Blankenberge, such as messages about our latest promotions and (if you have given permission for this) the services of certain partners of Seaside Blankenberge

to conduct market research through surveys so that we can better meet your needs and improve the effectiveness of our website, your experience at the hotel, our different forms of communication, our advertising campaigns and / or our promotional activities;

to generate anonymous statistics;

to secure the website and to tailor it to your wishes and needs;

to provide information about you to third parties and to provide access to such information, if you have given your consent or if this is permitted by law and / or regulations.

Messages Seaside Blankenberge.
Seaside Blankenberge occasionally sends messages about our latest products and services, as well as special offers to people who have subscribed to these services. If you do not want to receive such emails from us, you can cancel your subscription to these services or send us an email requesting that you remove yourself from the subscription list. In addition, every message that Seaside Blankenberge sends you will be given the opportunity to stop further transmission.

Use by third parties
Seaside Blankenberge will not pass on your personal data to third parties for direct marketing (such as sending offers and promotions), unless you have given explicit permission for this.

Seaside Blankenberge will pass on your information to third parties insofar as you have given express permission with regard to the third party in question and / or insofar as the information cannot be associated with you (for example, automatically generated information).

Seaside Blankenberge will also pass on your personal data to third parties if the hotel is obliged to do so under national or international laws, jurisprudence and / or regulations, or if the Conservatorium Hotel deems this necessary to protect its own rights.

5. How does the Seaside Blankenberge protect your personal information?
To ensure the accuracy of the personal data, to prevent access by unauthorized persons and to ensure that the personal data is used correctly, Seaside Blankenberge has taken appropriate physical, electronic and management measures to ensure that the personal data that the hotel collects online to protect and secure. The website features a firewall designed and configured to protect the personal data collected from you from unauthorized and unintended access.

6. View, change and delete your data
If you want to know what information Seaside Blankenberge has collected from you, you can submit a request to Seaside Blankenberge to receive an overview of your personal data by sending an e-mail to Reception@seasideblankenberge.be Seaside Blankenberge will send this information within 4 weeks provide you in writing.

If the personal data that Seaside Blankenberge has about you is incorrect, incomplete or unnecessary for the purpose for which it was collected, you can ask Seaside Blankenberge to correct, delete or block the data. Seaside Blankenberge will respond to such a request within 4 weeks.

7. Can this Privacy Policy be changed?
Seaside Blankenberge reserves all rights to unilaterally change or update this Privacy Policy from time to time whenever the hotel deems it appropriate or necessary to reflect changes in relevant law, regulation or business needs, or to meet needs. from our guests, branches, strategic marketing partners and service providers, or to achieve any other purpose. Updated versions are published on our website and include a publication date, so you can always see when the Privacy Policy was last updated. Legislative and regulatory developments, regulation

If you have any questions or comments regarding privacy or security issues, you can reach us by email at Reception@seasideblankenberge.be

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